Mr. Eisenberg is a fighter

Mr. Eisenberg was my attorney. I am a young woman who got into trouble just by associating with wrong group of friends. Long story short, I ended up on drugs. Mr. Eisenberg could see I had my whole life ahead of me. He had a great deal of compassion for me. He convinced the Judge that putting me in jail would only be a waste of time and nothing good would come of it. Instead he pleaded with the prosecutor and the Judge telling them both, that he had found, and secured, a spot for me at a drug treatment facility that I could live at for 12 months. Now I am living life drug free and have a successful position as head technician at Sarasota Memorial Hospital. Mr. Eisenberg is a fighter just like his website says! Only he is much more than the website says. I say he is THE ALMIGHTY AGGRESSIVE FIGHTER FOR THE CLIENT RIGHT TILL THE END. Without you as my Attorney Mr. Eisenberg, who knows where I would have ended up? Thank you—Thank you-Thank you-Thank you.

— Cathy G.
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