Highly recommend

June 2024

Mr. Eisenberg went to war for my situation and came out on top. He stuck to his work with fees, and completed the job. He stayed consistent and was tenacious utilizing all of his resources. Highly recommend.

— Cassandra Vance

Helpful and efficient

May 2024

Attorney Eisenberg was helpful and efficient with a legal family matter. I would highly recommend him.

— Linda Mccarthy

I truly couldn’t have done it without him

April 2024

Richard Eisenberg was a huge help! I was a huge wreck and he guided me through the whole process fast and with what I believe was the best outcome possible. He always answered promptly, which I always appreciated. I would not have been able to get through it without him, and I greatly appreciate everything he did!

I wanted to add on he was a great help after my case with the sealing of my record. It was all a long process, but he kept up with the follow ups and I truly couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you so much!!!

— Alyssa

Incredibly compassionate and understanding of my situation

February 2024

I recently had the unfortunate experience of needing a domestic violence lawyer, and I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the services provided by Richard.

From the very beginning, Richard was incredibly compassionate and understanding of my situation. He listened to my story without judgment and made me feel heard and supported. He also explained the legal process to me in a way that was easy to understand, which helped alleviate some of the stress and confusion I was feeling.

Throughout the entire case, Richard showed a strong dedication to fighting for my rights and ensuring that I received the protection and justice I deserved. He was always available to answer any questions or concerns I had, and they kept me updated on the progress of my case.

What impressed me the most about my lawyer was his ability to handle difficult situations with professionalism and expertise. He was able to negotiate with the opposing party and their lawyer in a calm and collected manner, which resulted in a favorable outcome for me.

Not only did my richard provide exceptional legal representation, but they also showed genuine care and concern for my well-being. He made sure I had access to resources and support systems to help me heal from the traumatic experience of domestic violence.

I cannot thank Richard enough for their dedication, compassion, and expertise. He truly made a difficult and frightening situation more manageable and I highly recommend them to anyone in need of a domestic violence lawyer. Their commitment to justice and their clients is unmatched, and I am forever grateful for his help.

— Natalie Bossa

Very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable

February 2024

I recently had the unfortunate experience of needing the services of a domestic violence law firm. It was a difficult and emotional time for me, but I am so grateful that Richard Eisenberg took my case. Mr. Eisenberg was very professional, compassionate, and knowledgeable. I am grateful for his hard work and dedication to my case. Thank you Mr. Eisenberg.

— Katerina Stuskova

Made me feel important and heard

February 2024

I had the privilege of speaking with Richard Eisenberg regarding my case. He was extremely helpful and answered all my questions with he has immense knowledge. Mr.Eisenberg informed me of a few things I was not aware of and made me feel important and heard. It was a very pleasant experience and I highly recommend if you need.

— Mery Julio

Explained everything and made me feel at ease. Thank you so much.!

January 2024

Mr.Eisenberg was very kind and professional. He took care of me and my case. Explained everything and made me feel at ease.
Thank you so much.!

— Veronika S.

He is extremely professional, hard-working, and easy to get a hold of.

January 2024

I cannot thank Mr. Eisenberg enough for his hard work on my case. He is extremely professional, hard-working, and easy to get a hold of. His expertise helped me to win my case and put everything behind me.

— Shawna Johnson

Smart, knowledgeable, a strong fighter

January 2024

If you need a lawyer and you want to win, Richard is your guy. He is smart, knowledgeable, a strong fighter and takes the time to understand your situation and ensure that you have the desired outcome. He is able to be assertive when he needs to be but when dealing with me he was extremely patient and helped me to feel calm and to know that I was in good hands and everything would work out. Often when you need a lawyer it is a stressful and difficult time and Richard is able to make the process as easy as possible. I am very grateful to him and I would recommend him to anyone.

— Elle laura

Beyond expectations

January 2024

Thanks for experience and knowledge that the office has been working hard on improving my needs and beyond expectations, definitely way to be recognized and valued as local law office

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