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Mr. Eisenberg is one of only a handful of criminal defense attorneys in all of Sarasota County who has been recognized by the Florida Bar as a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist. There’s a reason why there are so few board certified criminal defense attorneys. That’s because the Florida Bar’s requirements for board certification are so difficult to achieve! Only lawyers who have been recognized by the Florida Bar as “Board Certified” are ethically entitled to call themselves an “Expert” or “Specialist” in their area of the law. Board certified lawyers have met The Florida Bar’s highest standards for special knowledge, skills, and proficiency. It is the highest pinnacle an attorney can reach in recognition for legal expertise and gives the public objective standards by which to evaluate attorneys.

Client Testimonials
The very best possible outcome was achieved
Mr. Eisenberg helped a friend of mine with a domestic problem that turned ugly and became a criminal complaint. Mr. Eisenberg was helpful, firm, kind and never overpromised anything. In the end the very best possible outcome was achieved. Mr. Eisenberg was fair in all of his advice, financial dealings and expectations. I am...
— Chris H.
The very best possible outcome was achieved View Full Review
Helped restore my life
Richard Eisenberg PA has helped restore my life. I was facing life altering charges. He was able to get me back in good standing with the judicial system. I can’t wait to put this all behind me. It’s taken over a year from my sanity. And I’m grateful to finally be done with the...
— Lora T.
Helped restore my life View Full Review
Would go to bat for his clients !
Richard is amazing . So grateful he was my lawyer . Scariest time of my life and be was able to guide me through it with the best possible outcome . Quick responses, knowledgeable, and would go to bat for his clients ! Thanks Richard !
— Ahmed Cruz

Florida board-certified lawyers are legal experts dedicated to professional excellence who have met rigorous standards for experience and professionalism set by the Florida Supreme Court and administered by The Florida Bar Legal Specialization and Education Department.

Mr. Eisenberg brings to the table a lifetime of service dedicated to his country and the community. First, he honorably served as a U.S. Marine for 11 years. Then, for the next 22 years he served as both an Assistant Federal Public Defender and an Assistant Sarasota County Public Defender, where he represented over 6,000 defendants. Hiring an attorney in a criminal case can be one of the most important decisions that one can make in their lifetime. As a Board Certified Criminal Trial Specialist, Mr. Eisenberg will aggressively and vigorously fight for your rights to the fullest extent possible and to resolve your case as effectively as possible!

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Representative Case Results
State of Florida v. _______________
Charge:  Ct. 1:  Possession of a Controlled Substance (rock cocaine) Jury Verdict:  Not Guilty (April 2001).
State of Florida v. _______________
Charge:  Ct. 1:  Aggravated Battery (Pregnant Woman); Ct. 2:  Battery (1st deg. misd) Jury Verdict:  Not guilty on both counts (February 2003).
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