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The Warren Family required a top Criminal Defense Lawyer for a very important Florida case. Their 19 year old Son, Ryan, had been charged Attempted Robbery (gun) in a case where Ryan was himself shot several times and all most died .The Prosecutor was seeking to invoke Florida ‘s Mandatory Minimum Law causing Ryan, if he lived, to be facing ten (10) years in prison. Several attorneys recommended Richard Eisenberg, Esq. and we also felt that Richard’s prior Military service was a plus. We are very happy that we made this choice. Attorney Eisenberg immediately got involved . We were blocked from the original Bail demanded and he negotiated with the Prosecutors and Judge which resulted in Ryan not being in jail for the almost 18 months awaiting Trial. When the Prosecutor , on a later matter, made a Motion to Revoke, Attorney Eisenberg at a hearing defeated that Motion. He successfully negotiated with the Prosecutor to remove the Mandatory Minimum element. His research led us to the Florida Youthful Offender Statute, he then made those benefits available to our case, which required a change in Judges and , after a series of continuances, also required an accelerated Court Date for Sentencing. During this lengthy period Richard had to deal with a client who was in intensive care for a month and with continuing surgery thereafter. We are very pleased with Richard Eisenberg’s representation. He was always available, always helpful, knowledgeable and experienced. Should he choose to use me as a Reference, GRANTED

— John W.
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