Very caring, thoughtful and of the upmost professionalism

I have to Thank Mr .Eisenberg for his help in my ridiculous charge I was given in Sarasota Florida. I literally had 2 drinks at a wedding rehearsal over a 2 hour period and was pulled over by a over enthusiastic mean and aggressive police officer. It was a terrible experience, almost like a nightmare. I admitted to the officer I had had a drink of alcohol but over an hour before I was pulled over for apparently “changing lanes aggressively”. I should have never been honest and told the police officer the truth as he must of thought I was drunk. The next hour of my life I was treated like a criminal and was taken to the station on Adams Lane. I called Richard as a friend I was with knew of him from Sarasota. I’m not sure exactly what transpired the next 2 hours or so but Mr. Eisenberg came over himself or sent an associate over and after looking at my blood alcohol test that Richards secretary said was a BAC of 0.5 then after 20 minutes a 0.4 , my breath analysts, behavior records and correspondence with all the police officers I talked too, I was free to leave without a court date. I was literally never officially charged with a offense, so I was at piece of mind. I appreciate the service and the relationship I had with his office in the days after. Very caring, thoughtful and of the upmost professionalism. They made me feel comfortable and secure. Thank you so much. 5 STARS!

— David Knott
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